Flip A Coin - Making Decisions A Little Easier With Heads or Tails

When should you use Flip-A-Coin

Flipping a coin is great when needing to make quick decisions between two choices. These days coins are seldom carried around or easily accessible which is why Flip-A-Coin was created. This fast and easy to use simulator, with a true 50/50 chances, will help you with whatever choice, game or decison you might have.

Below are a couple of times when the coin toss simulator might come in handy:

How to use Flip-A-Coin?

There are two ways you can use the simulator.

  1. Click on the coin and the simulator will start randomly flipping before landing on either heads or tails
  2. Click on the “Flip Coin” button to start the simulator and flipping the coin.
  3. Once the coin has flipped it will either land on Heads or Tails

FAQs about a coin toss

Is it always 50/50 when flipping a coin?

Most people assume that a coin toss is 50/50 but research has actually shown that the odds are closer to 51/49. This is due to a natural bias toward whatever side was upwhen the coin was tossed into the air.

good news is that the Flip A Coin simulator is programmed to give true 50/50 odds.

Is it better to pick heads or tails?

With a physical coin it would be better to choose the side that is facing up. This will give you a slight edge as there is a natural bias to whatever side is up when the coin is tossed.

For the Flip A Coin simulator it is truly random and therefore won’t make a difference which side of the coin you choose.

What happens if you flip a coin 10,000 times?

Based on the 50/50 probability of a coin toss, when flipping a coin 10,000 times there is a very high likelihood that there will 5000 heads and 5000 tails.